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Weeks 2 - 7 Of Dawn & Hondo Puppies

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10 Days Old ~ July 18th
During the past few days the pups have been consistenly gaining weight.  Cumulatively, they have added about 20oz per day - which averages out to be about 3 1/3 oz per pup each day.  I have to say their weights are very consistent and it's nice to see all pups gain at a steady rate.
Anyday now we should see the eyes beginning to open (a process that will take several days).  Then it will be another couple weeks before they can actually focus in on objects and people. 
All the pups are beginning to get up on their legs albeit only for a short amount of time and then, a wobbly stand.  It's getting to be a challenge to keep them on the baby scale when it's weigh in time - they will crawl around, lifting their heads with their noses high in the air; sniffing out their surroundings!
12 Days Old ~ July 20th
The babies started opening their eyes yesterday!  Although they can't see at this early stage, it's always a joy to see them open their eyes and they'll soon be experiencing their first sights & sounds.
The total weight gain today for all the pups is 22 oz.  They are all sill growing at a nice rate.  Nova & Blazer were the heavy hitters today :)
New pics will be available on their two week birthday this Friday -stay tuned!
14 Days Old ~ July 22th
Time is passing way too quickly with these babies. It's hard to believe they are 2 weeks old already!
Today, all the pups and Dawn were wormed for the first time. We will continue a worming protocol throughout the next six weeks.
The weight of each pup continues to increase - they are all big babies and more importantly, they have a nice solid, firm feel to them. That is the best indicator of thriving pups! 
The weight range on the litter is from 2 3/4 lbs - 3 1/2 lbs. (This is above average from what I've seen for weight trends on litters at this age).
All of the pups are starting to get around quite nicely now.  They are standing and appear to be right on target with their development.
Check out the previous page for their 'offical' 2 week old photos!

Sleeping Babies @ 3 Weeks Old ~ 7/29/05

21 Days Old ~ July 29th
Check out our 3 week old pictures on the previous page!
The puppies are all now over 4 lbs - with individual weights ranging from 4 lbs 2 oz  - 4 lbs 12 oz.
The past week has been one of milestones for the pups ~ their teeth have erupted, they have learned that they can sit on their little behinds and their social skills are starting to develop. If they aren't sleeping or eating, they are playing with each other. It's fun to watch them explore the new world. 
They were offered their first opportunity to learn to "lick" - each were given a small bowl with water to begin their comprehension of getting 'food' own their own.
Eye and ear development is right on cue - although I am sure that they can't see in fine detail yet, they do respond to movement around them.  Also, they are aware of sounds.  We are making various subtle noises around the puppy pen and also have music & news radio on for them around the clock. 
This week, the pups will have their second worming. 
They will also be introduced to their first taste of puppy food which is soaked, run through the food processer and mixed with milk replacer. Although the first attempt at feeding usually results in the pups wearing more than they actually eat, it's the first step toward their independence from Mom. 
We are also starting on acheiving the Rules Of Seven components and this will continue throughout their first seven weeks of life.
28 Days Old ~ August 5th
The puppies have been on puppy mush for a week now, with mom still supplementing their feeding.  I'd like to keep Dawn nursing the pups for at least another one to two weeks. During that time they'll still be getting their 'real puppy' food. By doing both, these babies will have plenty of nourishment!
We continue to work on the Rules of Sevens - with exposure to many different things.  They've certainly had their share of sound varities this past week. We've had many severe thunderstorns with loud, loud thunder.  The pups were fine through these new sounds.  They also experienced the sound of a lawnmower this week - that was a bit more harrowing for a couple of them than the others. It's good to expose them to as many different sights and sounds as possible while they are still young. It helps with their ability to cope with new environments as they mature.
Dawn is spending more time away from the pups during the day. She still frequently visits for their nursing time and continues to sleep with them at night.  During the day with mom away, they've come to learn to play with each other.  They are alot of fun to watch!
During this past week, we've had all the puppies stacked on the bench. I am VERY PLEASED with what I see in these pups - even at such a young age.  Right now it's not important that they 'stack' correctly. Instead, it's beneficial for them to just have the experience.  I can already see some awesome feet and willingness to cooperate in many of these little tykes!  It's going to be exciting to continue watching them the next several weeks!  
35 Days Old ~ August 12th
I can't help but get excited about how these puppies are growing out and the consistency across all of them.  Dawn & Hondo certainly did us proud by producing such a wonderful litter of pups!  There are many things that are indentical in these puppies.  A very nice, consistent litter in color, conformation and personality!
This past week the puppies have been romping around in their puppy yard outside.  They've explored their surroundings (as well as each other!) and enjoy running around together.  Once they tucker each other out, I'll find them all curled up together sound asleep in a corner of their pen. 
They continue to gain weight - with the weights ranging from 8 lbs 10 oz to 7 lbs 2 oz.  They all 'dive in' to their puppy food at feeding time! 
The pups have also been worked on the bench a bit more seriously this past week.  It's time I start to look at them for specific attributes and begin the tough decision on who will be our choice to represent Sampson Hill Redbones.  Trust me, this is going to be a VERY diffucult decision ~ all these pups are just AWESOME! On the same hand, for those people that have a pup reserved, I feel very good knowing they will be getting an equally nice puppy to campaign in the future! 
45 Days Old ~ August 22th
It's hard to believe another week has passed with the puppies.  As they get older, it's bittersweet.  I love watching them grow and develop into 'little dogs' while preparing them, as best possible,  for their new homes and the adjustments that involves.
This week, the puppies range in weight from 9 1/2 to 11 3/4 lbs. They have adapted quite well to puppy food;  all are happy and healthy.
 They are spending their days outside in their 'puppy yard' and sleep inside the kennel in the 'puppy box'. They love to romp around and play together.  They have experienced some more new sounds while outside such as cars, honking horns, other dogs barking and people coming in and out of the yard. Always curious, they don't appear to be frightened or skittish when they encounter a new sound.
Each of the pups experienced their first official bath last week.  Now that Dawn has decided her motherly duties are done, cleaning up after the pups and cleaning them has become a ritual!
To date the pups have been wormed 3 times (using Pyrantal). They will be wormed again this week.  In between this upcoming worming and the most recent one, I have given them a treatment for coccidia prevention.
Also this week the pups will receive their first puppy shot.
We have evaluated each puppy, using a grading system we created.  This evaluation is not the puppy aptitude testing (which will be done at 7 weeks).  Rather, it covers areas specific to conformation and general appearance.  The evaluation is by no means scientific - it's purely just to document attributes we see in each pup that will help us with our breeding program.
The UKC Puppy Registration Papers came in the mail today.  This week I will be working on the 'Puppy Packets' of information that will go to the new homes with the puppies.  The pups will also complete the few remaining items on the Rules of Seven and their Aptitude Testing will be done.